Steps to Creating a Picture Frame Collage in Your Home


If you have a large empty wall in your home, one of the best ways to decorate it would be by creating a picture frame collage. These collages are not only aesthetically appealing but can be quite sentimental since you get the chance to display multiple memories in one spot. However, if not done right, your picture frame collage can look chaotic and messy, which would detract from the overall aesthetics of the room. Here are the steps to creating a picture frame collage in your home.

Select the wall space for your picture frame collage

The first step in creating a picture frame collage would be to choose an ideal wall in your home for this display. You want to ensure that the room is naturally well lit, so as to ensure the picture frame collage is not hidden by any shadows. Additionally, select a large wall that would give you the flexibility to use different sizes and shapes of picture frames without your collage looking congested. When selecting a wall space, steer clear from dimly lit hallways and corridors, as these would not do justice to your picture frame collage.

Choose framing for your picture frame collage

The next step would be to select frames for the pictures you would like to mount as part of your picture frame collage. When selecting framing, the one rule of thumb to follow is consistency and similarity. This could be translated in various ways. For instance, you could chose identical frames in varying sizes for the picture frame collage. Alternatively, you could have individualistic frames but use only black and white pictures in them. Overall, just ensure there is one element that is marrying the entire picture frame collage together. This similarity and consistency is what will make your picture frame collage stand out as a piece of art on your wall rather than a jumble of picture frames that have been mounted together.

Plot and hang your picture frame collage

The last step would be to plot the positions of the picture frames using brown paper. Outline the various frames on the brown paper and cut out the outlines. Then position the cut outlines on the back of the framing to determine a position for the nail on the wall. Once you have punctured holes into the brown paper outlines that guide you as to where your hanging nails would go, plot the brown paper outlines on the wall and tape them onto the wall using masking tape. Take your nails and drill them into the wall through the punctured holes on the brown paper outlines. Once the nails are in place, rip off the brown paper outlines and hang your picture frames to create your collage.

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19 April 2016

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